My name is Konstantia and I was educated as an architect in Greece. After my graduation, I studied jewelry design and hand-made manufacturing for 2 years. My journey continued in Southern Denmark where I am an graduate student in the master program of MSC in Information Technology - Product Design, SDU.


I understand design as an iterative process and co-creation. Dealing with projects at a macro level and a micro level, I manage to deal with complexity and at the same time focus on the detail. My expertise lies on the field of participatory design with a great interest in research projects. I am familiar with the participatory design methods and tools

Data visualizations,modelling and free-hand drawings are the means of initiating my ideas.


During our constant evolving technological age, new conversations in the field of design emerge. What is the new role of a designer is a question that seek an answer. The role of designer change from the expert to co-designer. Users and others can be part of the design process as expert of their experience. Co-design invites questions.


I enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams, even if it is frustrated sometimes and I do believe that a team is more than a collection of people.

Let's take the camera and the noteboook and get out to observe, discuss, do experiments in the wild!