Cracking the built

Organ Donation
Organ Donation

The design thesis deals with the incorporation of a hyperlocal use in the historical city of Ioannina (Greece).We designed the uses of a library, workshop area and gallery space.The transition from the old-styled to the modern city marks a crack in the everyday routine that should disturb both its systems and help the transition from movement to immobility. Our perspective is that this movement is the force that cracks the building and comes out of it. 

The  functional dependency between properties and structure in the natural world provides the starting point for the discussion in what concerns  the integration of the man-made construction  into the existing ecology. The workshop focuses on the  production of a cellular structure made of a series of repeated structural units, and identical   andifferentiated. 

In  order  to assign specific green properties on the  construction, it  manipulates the structural unit in terms  of  differentiation  according to the change of the unit’s properties. 

Organ Donation

Sustainable design

The site proposed is located in Sant Cugat del Valles, in the metropolitan of Barchelona. Our main idea is to make the surroundings of Sant Joan station a more lively place, with activities and services for the people working in the area. But to bring life, we have to bring people. This is the reason why in our project we want to create a a specific residential area.

Our proposal is a mix/used residential complex that is directly connected to the transportation (train, bus, bike stations).