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The design process is an ongoing engagement. By Beyond designing the design of a future product or service you can explore the kinds of behavior , attitudes and experiences that the new product, service, or technology might engender for people. Design research projects start often with research questions using prototypes to provoke reactions and open up discussions. Designers need to explore how interaction proceeds and aim to the way that we experience the world. 


When thinking about vending machines in a broader sense, they are a metaphor for the prevailing consumerism culture in these days: they betray people to 'waste' their money on things they probably don't need. While this could be a strong indicator for greed, it offers a good foundation to trigger provoking thoughts on the issue of charity.

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We feel uncomfortable when people enter our personal space and we become uncomfortable when unfamiliar electronic devices do the same.


​How certain electronic devices invade our personal space?​

How can we design and increase the comfort in public space?

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​How do we understand and decode space?

How do we think and talk about space?

​​Lefebvre defines space as a social product (Lefebvre, 1998). According to him, space is modified by social relations; it is not only supported by social relations but also produced bysocial relations.

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Thinking about space

Wearable spaces

I wanted to make an interactive lamp that can interact with people and change the light based on people’s needs. How many things we can control as human beings? Technology helps us to increase the number of things that we can control, but still there is out there the unknown. Thinking about the "unknown" I took my inspiration from the outer space.


Lunar Poles