Participatory Innovation Project

"Sønderborg Welcome Experience"

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The duration of the project is about 8 weeks, where we are using techniques as “Cultural Probes” (borrowed from the Ethnography field of study) to avoid “taken-for-granted” assumptions and to truly understand the difficulties that newcomers need to face when they come to Sønderborg. Our starting point considers that there is no better way of developing meaningful solutions without inviting the “users” to think and brainstorm together. 



The innovative approach we applied is people working together and co-designing a change or an idea which is built by the dynamic collaboration between all the stakeholders that are be involved (ordinary people, designers, companies, organizations, users). Every stakeholder brings knowledge and experience and together is part of the final solutions that impacts everybody. 

As designers and engineers (or co-developers) we believe that the process of engaging different stakeholders in all phases of the project is an interesting challenge as it is also a key to reach results that make a great impact. 


In the process we used different techniques borrowed from Participatory Design, Empathy design and User Centered design. 

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​“Sønderborg Welcome Experience” is a regular event that aims to provide a meaningful experience for newcomers in Sønderborg. It also intends to create an opportunity for locals and newcomers to meet. 


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The event

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Kostantia Kolidou,  Alexandra Papadimitriou, Youran You, Ana Maria Cifuentes, Elisabete Ezeiza, Moira Mastrone, Patrícia Lima,

"People need people"

"Everybody has a story to tell"

"The journey starts before the arrival"

"Create group of interests"

"New comers have struggle moments in Sønderborg"

"Build a network"